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Qwkly is India’s aspiring service marketplace, providing home repair and cleaning services through open & close aggregator model. This aspiring cleaning and repairing services company aims to simplify the life of busy people, especially in metros. The company offers high-quality repairing and cleaning services at reasonable price.

The professional team of Qwkly comes well trained along with modern methods of cleaning as well as repair to provide time-based efficient services. At Qwkly, we value its customers’ TRUST and TIME. We offer trial services so that the customers can experience the standard services and make Qwkly their preferred brand for all their requirements of professional cleaning as well as the best repair services for homes, shops, restaurants, and offices.

Our Services

Full Home Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Party Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Restaurant Cleaning

sofa Chair Cleaning

Car Cleaning

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